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April 3, 2019

CARNELUTTI Law Firm hosted an art exhibition within Miart (International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art): Mesmerized by the German artist Armin Boehm. The art show will started on April 3, 2019 and lasted until April 12, 2019. On the large-scale canvases, his subject is the imagery of contemporary society. This theme emerges most clearly in the artist’s recent work, featuring loud colors and language reminiscent of the expressionism of 1920s’ painting, but it was already present in his earlier works, which were instead characterized by a dark chromatism, seductive while at the same time unsettling. Boehm cannot be defined as a political artist in the strictest sense, despite his work’s recurrent staging of ambiguous situations that make veiled allusions to the politicians of our time. 


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