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Gianclaudio Fischetti is a partner in CARNELUTTI Law Firm.

He is a member of the firm’s Restructuring & Insolvency department and has been rendering legal services to domestic and international state-owned and private medium-sized and large enterprises for nearly twenty years. Gianclaudio has extensive experience in managing corporate crises, providing legal support and advisory services in company restructuring procedures, with specific reference to issues involving corporate governance, managing and settling shareholder conflicts, and company complications triggered by difficult times for the company, including management of and assistance in insolvency proceedings (such as restructuring agreements under art. 182-bis, of the Bankruptcy Act).
He also conducted in-court and out-of-court corporate and bankruptcy deals, with specific reference to matters involving the responsibility of corporate bodies, including after default of the entities that they managed/supervised.
His practice includes M&A deals, including deals involving companies in financial and/or business distress, and the termination and negotiation of national and international business agreements.

Gianclaudio regularly speaks at classes and seminars organized by established institutions, and is the author of numerous publications on both corporate and bankruptcy matters.

He graduated from the University of Bari in 2000 and was admitted to the Italian Bar in 2006.

He is a native Italian speaker and is fluent in English.

Tools for Preliminary Control in Managing Companies at the Rome Bar Association

July 5, 2022
On July 5, Gianclaudio Fischetti took part in the conference on company crises and criminal law titled “Crisi d’impresa e diritto penale” organized by the Criminal Law Committee of the Rome Bar Association, and his speech “Gli strumenti di controllo preventivo nella gestione della crisi d'impresa” focused on tools for preliminary control in managing company crises. For additional information:  

European WME

June 21, 2022
On June 21, at the European Exhibition and Conference for Waste Management and Circular Economy, in Bergamo, Gianclaudio Fischetti spoke on the critical issues for waste management companies and site remediation companies in insolvency proceedings and in receivership.

Publications by Gianclaudio Fischetti

March 16, 2022
Coauthor of the monograph: “Le Fusioni Transfrontaliere - La disciplina comunitaria e il suo recepimento in Italia e negli Stati membri”, published by Egea Editore, 2009 (Cross-border Mergers – EC regulations and their transposition in Italy and in member states)   Coauthor of “Concordato preventivo e in continuità aziendale – Profili civilistici e fiscali”, I Focus Fiscali, Sistemafrizzera24, Gruppo24Ore, July 2014 (Arrangements with creditors and as a going concern – Civil law and Tax Issues)   Coauthor of: “What About Italy? Easy guide to your Italian Business”, edited with the cooperation of the professionals of TLS, anno 2015 -   Coauthor of: “Fallimento possibile per le “in house”. La Corte di appello di Napoli “anticipa” l’attuazione della riforma Madia sulle partecipate”, Il Sole 24 Ore, 11 April 2016 (Bankruptcy is possible for inhouse companies. The Court of Appeals of Naples anticipates of the Madia reform on state-owned subsidiaries)

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