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Luisa Melara is of counsel to Carnelutti Studio Legale Associato.
She specializes in corporate strategic and distress reorganizations as well as in all forms of insolvency/bankruptcy procedures.
Luisa’s professional expertise has been honed by almost twenty years of experience in corporate civil and commercial litigation and insolvency matters.
She has acted as an advisor and consultant to a vast variety of Italian and multinational corporate clients in regard to both contentious and non-contentious casework.  She assists clients at every stage of the insolvency and distress-recovery process from pre-bankruptcy planning to bankruptcy and restructuring, as well as in opposition proceedings, liquidation, extraordinary administration  and compositions with creditors.  She is an expert in restructuring agreements under art. 182-bis, rescheduling plans pursuant to art. 67, paragraph 3, letter d of the Bankruptcy Act and standstill agreements on debts ex ar. 160 l.fall. and  Prodi bis Law.
Luisa also acts as advisor and consultant to most of the major Italian Bankruptcy Courts.
Luisa’s professional approach relies on the following key components: expertise, the well-timed delivery of advice, respect for the intangibile value of a company, clear objectives and the ability to select, harmonize and lead a team of experts towards the achievement of the desired goal.
Luisa is also an active member of the Italian legal community.  Parallel to her professional work she is frequently invited to participate in conferences as a key-note speaker, lecturer and panel member;  she is a contributing author to professional publications, she promotes, designs and organizes conferences, seminars  and round table discussions for Professional Associations;  she is often invited to participate in  highly-specialized technical Institutional committees such as the 2007 Bankruptcy Reform Committee for the Ministry of Justice.
Luisa has recently launched an awareness-raising campaign on the theme of Individual and Social Responsibility of all stakeholders and their impact on Corporate Restructuring and Continuity.
Luisa graduated from  l’Università “L.U.I.S.S.” in Roma magna cum laude and was admitted to the bar in Rome in 1998.
Luisa speaks English.


If you would like more information about Luisa Melara's representative experience, e-mail her directly:

Company Crises in Light of Delegation Law no. 155/17

January 29, 2018
Luisa Melara hold a seminar on "Crisi d’impresa anche alla luce della legge delega n. 155/17 di riforma organica delle procedure concorsuali" (Company crises in light of Delegation Law no. 155/17 for the comprehensive reform of insolvency proceedings). The seminar is part of the bankruptcy law module included in the Master Consulente Legale di Impresa of the Business School of LUISS University.

Opening Lesson on Bankruptcy Law - LUISS

February 6, 2018
Luisa Melara hold the opening lesson of the unit on bankruptcy law of the post-graduate class on law organized by the Business School of LUISS.

When Risk Becomes a Hazard: Liability for Surveillance Committees

November 8, 2016
The seminar “Enterprise Risk Management: from a competitive tool for the enterprise to a new opportunity for professionals”, took place in Milan on 8 November 2016, with a speech by Ms. Melara on "When risk becomes a hazard: liability for surveillance committees”.

The Saint-Vincent Conference

April 30, 2016
Luisa Melara designed and contributed to the organization of the Conference entitled: “Le imprese e le banche nello stato di crisi, tra competenza, responsabilità e prevenzione” (Companies and banks in a crisis, faced with skills, liability and prevention) The Conference was held at the Conference Centre of the Grand Hotel Billia in Saint-Vincent, Aosta.  Luca Arnaboldi was a keynote speaker at the roundtable on the dichotomy in legislation of growth and financial stability: new accounting standards, capital ratios, liabilities to be readily written down or converted into equity (bail-in): what are the effects on banks’ willingness to lend to companies in a crisis situation? The new frontiers of loans to businesses.  

Restructuring of Insolvency Distress through Creditor Composition

November 1, 2014
Luisa Melara was a speaker at the conference organized by the Milan Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts Association on “Gli aspetti ermeneutici e pratici che ostacolano la risoluzionedella crisi nel concordato preventivo” (The interpretative and practical aspects that get in the way of the restructuring of insolvency distress through Creditor Composition).

Creditor-Composition Restructuring Process

July 1, 2014
Luisa Melara was a keynote speaker on the topic “domanda prenotativa di concordato e contratti in corso di esecuzione:gli artt.169 bis e 186 bis l.fall.” (preliminary requests for a Creditor-Composition Restructuring process and executory contracts in performance) in the Conference entitled:“Il concordato preventivo”(Creditor-Composition Restructuring Process) held at SAA-School of Management in Torino.

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