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Roberta is of Counsel to Carnelutti Law Firm.

She specializes in civil law with specific expertise in family law. She developed extensive experience in family and juvenile law and has also been appointed as guardian of persons with legal incapacity. She has a vast experience in litigation involving crises in family relationships, relationships between spouses (separation, divorce, void marriage and annulment of civil marriage, recognition of ecclesiastical judgments) or civil-law spouses. She specializes in negotiating out-of-court agreements between spouses or civil-law spouses. Roberta also has in-depth experience in juvenile law, including matters concerning foster parenting and domestic and international adoptions. She also handles cases involving legitimation and paternity disputes, and actions to declare a person incompetent or disabled, guardianship of the affairs of a person with legal incapacity. She advises on estate matters, including assets under fiduciary registration, family settlements and dividing the joint estates of spouses. Her areas of expertise include the law of succession and lifetime transfers.

From 1995 to 2002 she volunteered for the legal office of Centro Ausiliario per i Problemi dei Minori – CAM Center to assist with the problems of Minors.
She has been a member of AIAF (Associazione Italiana degli Avvocati per la Famiglia e per i Minori), the Italian Association of Lawyers that specialize in family and juvenile law, since 2010.

She graduated in law from the University of Milan in 1989 and was admitted to the bar in 1995,

She is fluent in English and French in addition to her native Italian.

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