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Private: Article on Crimea’s change of effective sovereign published on the Santa Clara Journal of International Law

April 10, 2017

The last issue of the Santa Clara Journal of International Law (Issue 2, Volume 15) features an article authored by Prof. Vaccaro-Incisa on “Crimea’s Secession from Ukraine and Accession to the Russian Federation as an Instance of North(- West) v. South(-East) Divide in the Understanding of International Law“. The article can be freely accessed and downloaded here. The article attempts to offer an interpretation of the existing international law aimed at reconciling seemingly known facts with the non-concurrence of about half of the members of the United Nations to the adoption of the General Assembly Resolution on the “Territorial integrity of Ukraine” (GA Res. 68/262, adopted on Mar. 27th, 2014). A preliminary draft of the article was presented at the opening session of the 2015  ESIL annual research forum (14-15 May 2015, European University Institute, Florence) and an advanced draft presented at the roundtable on Humanitarism and the Transformation of International Law (4-5 Aug. 2016, Melbourne Law School). Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa wishes to express his gratitude to Prof. Makane M. Mbengue (Geneva), Prof. Marko Milanovic (Nottingham) and Prof. Ana S. Trbovic (Belgrade) for their helpful comments and critics. He wishes to thank also Mr. Piero Gregori and Ms. Nancy Hiag, for their editing assistance.
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