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Call Centers, Subsidiary Indicia more Important for Subordination

February 9, 2015

Giuseppe Bulgarini d’Elci and Roberta Cristaldi co-wrote the article “Call center, più peso agli indici sussidiari per la subordinazione” (Call centers, subsidiary indicia more important for subordination) published in Guida al Lavoro, No 6, February 6, 2015, a prestigious weekly guide on labour law and human resources issues edited by the daily paper il Sole24Ore. Giuseppe and Roberta analyzed decision no. 66/2015 of the Court of Cassation which affirms the principle that even if there is no direct evidence of the worker being subordinated to the employer’s management, control and disciplinary powers, subordinate employment may be inferred from subsidiary indicia which, taken together and in context, provide proof that the employer exercises these powers over the worker.
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