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Columbia Law School publishes a FDI Perspective authored by Prof. Chaisse and Vaccaro-Incisa

February 12, 2018

Columbia Law School Research Center in Sustainable Investment published today the Columbia FDI Perspective no. 219, jointly authored by Prof. Julien Chiasse (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Prof. Vaccaro-Incisa on The EU investment court: challenges on the path ahead. Perspective topic: “The bilateral investment court system the EU buttressed since 2015 risks losing momentum in the face of complex internal and external challenges. This Perspective weighs these challenges against the recent UNCITRAL decision to address ISDS reform, providing for a better framework to seek for shared global solutions to long-expressed concerns.” This prestigious short publication is known for the difficulty of outlining a policy problem and a possible solution in the limited space of 800 words, using a language possibly accessible to the wider public. The text of the Perspective is publicly available here.
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