is one of the best known corporate law firms in the Italian market with a strong international orientation.

CARNELUTTI Law Firm strives to provide top quality services in a professional, ethical and responsible manner, with a commitment to play a decisive role for its clients and people and to support the development of the communities in which it operates. Throughout its 125 year history, CARNELUTTI Law Firm has embraced the priorities and challenges of its clients, earning their trust and becoming a destination for the most talented lawyers, helping them pursue long-term business and professional growth objectives.
CARNELUTTI Law Firm is one of the best-known corporate law firms in Italy, with a strong international orientation. Its aim has always been to act as a key advisor to corporate clients, providing the best legal and tax services, and combining the highest level of specialization with excellent teamwork across key areas. The Firm’s services are tailored to the needs of individual clients and its professionals are committed to a set of fundamental core values which include excellence, responsiveness, and dedication to clients.
CARNELUTTI Law Firm is ISO 14001 certified for its Environmental Management Systems (EMS), to match its clients’ need for a “Net Zero” sustainable supply chain, including as applies to legal and tax advisors. It is also ISO 9001 certified for its quality management system. The Firm has adopted an Organization, Management and Control Model and a Code of Ethics, and complies with Italian Law no. 231 on corporate liability.
Always forward-looking, the Firm has offices in major financial districts abroad and adopts the highest governance standards for international law firms, while at the same time pursuing excellence based on the principles of the Italian legal tradition. At CARNELUTTI Law Firm, it is understood that sophisticated international business clients require, appreciate, and deserve advisors capable of, and effective in, bridging the cultural gaps which can arise from efforts to globalize business. Our Firm is designed and tailored to act as that bridge.
CARNELUTTI Law Firm has been able to successfully navigate periods of great change throughout its long history. Founded in 1898, the Firm has seized on opportunities and made courageous choices to do things differently and develop pioneering initiatives. Our law firm has never taken shortcuts and has never been afraid to pursue more complex solutions, even if it means taking higher risks. This has allowed us to be a real “innovator” in the legal industry. This is CARNELUTTI’s DNA.
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