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October 11, 2021

Progress in the firm’s commitment to ESG initiatives

Carnelutti Law Firm has obtained ISO 14001 international certification for its policies in favor of environmental sustainability in the workplace. An important milestone, a certificate of seriousness and concreteness, which documents the firm's commitment to its renewal processes, which up to now had primarily concerned internal governance, concretely encouraging the professional growth of its collaborators, with particular attention to attention to young people and women, and by inserting a series of provisions based on sustainability in what is today the “Code of Ethics and Sustainability” of the study.

With the creation of a Sustainability Commission and a Committee dedicated to pro-bono activities, Carnelutti is one of the companies that, even in the legal sector, have acknowledged the importance of being compliant with ESG policies, dictated by the Agreement on Climate of Paris, and who immediately set in motion to make the work environment and the work of their professionals sustainable.

"For some time now, we have started various processes with a view to sustainability which include, for example, the elimination of plastic from offices and the digitization of documents by minimizing paper consumption - says Luca Arnaboldi, Managing Partner of Carnelutti Law Firm -. We then re-discussed the agreements with suppliers and chose to source only energy from renewable sources and use only FSC paper ".

In addition to ISO 14001 certification, the firm is currently engaged in obtaining other certifications from recognized bodies dedicated to quality and social issues, and numerous progress has been made in terms of social responsibility and welfare in general. A collaboration is currently being assesed with an association that deals with pro-bono and connects the realities that operate in the third sector with the legal environment and new resources are being allocated to implement welfare policies, promoting activities that can promote the well-being of the people who make up the studio, in the office and in everyday life.

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