Luca Arnaboldi at The Italy Startup Conference 2022

On May 10, 2022, Luca Arnaboldi spoke on International Expansion - Doing Business in the U.S. Market at the The Italy Startup Conference 2022, an event for Startups in Italy, gathering thousands of founders, investors, VCs, executives, seed fund partners, general partners, journalists, and bloggers from diverse backgrounds and industries. Click on the link to reach the event's page:  The France Startup Conference 2022 Tickets, Tue 31 May 2022 at 17:00 | Eventbrite  


ARBITRATION Principles and Techniques – XIV edition

Our Partner Pierfrancesca Belcredi will be part of the prestigious faculty of the online course on Arbitration Principles and Techniques organized by the Academy of the Milan Chamber of Arbitration whose purpose is to give participants tools to access the world of arbitration by learning principles, thanks to the presence of the best arbitration experts, and by acquiring techniques, thanks to dedicated exercises, access to best MCA practice and cases, and to a simulated case study. Pierfrancesca will be on the Arbitration Panel of the mock proceedings that will close the course, on July 12, 2022. Click on the attachment for the full program.


Master in Corporate Tax Law at Bocconi University

This year Gilberto Comi and Massimo Marconi lectured again and in-person at the post graduate class in Corporate Tax Law the Bocconi University in Milan, where they held the seminar titled "Transfer Pricing – International Dispute Settlement Mechanisms".


Latest developments in investment arbitration: regional perspectives

On Monday 22 November, G.Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa will be one of the speakers of a  hybrid webinar that will be held both in presence and online through the Zoom platform, entitled "Latest developments in investment arbitration: regional perspectives". The event is organized by Carnelutti Law Firm in collaboration with Jus Mundi and Eversheds. SUBSCRIBE TO THE EVENT Keynote speakers list: Ndanga Kamau (Kamau Law & ICC VP), on East Africa Eduardo Silva Romero (Dechert), on Latin America Wesley Pydiamah (Eversheds), on West Africa Athina Papaefstratiou-Fouchard (Eversheds) on the EU* Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa (Carnelutti) on China

October 2021 by Dario Latella, Of Counsel to Carnelutti Law Firm

  • October 7, 2021 - Dario Latella speaks on "Legal theories and Neutralism principle inside Companies”, international webinar with Matthew Kramer, chair of Legal Philosophy at University of Cambridge (UK), Law Faculty.
  • October 20, 2021 - Dario Latella speaks on  “Merger, acquisitions, division of companies and invalidity”, national conference of Fondazione Italiana del Notariato, Rome (Italy).
  • October 29, 2021 - Dario Latella speaks on “The Italian rules on Mafia and the case of judicial administration”, international conference at University Tecnològico of Monterrey (Mexico).

G.Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa @World Arbitration Update 2021

On October 13th from 7:00 to 8:30 am Washington DC time,  G.Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa will present the convention titled China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Dispute Resolution Options and Risk Mitigation during the first edition of WAU (World Arbitration Update 2021). Registration link 



Progress in the firm’s commitment to ESG initiatives

Carnelutti Law Firm has obtained ISO 14001 international certification for its policies in favor of environmental sustainability in the workplace. An important milestone, a certificate of seriousness and concreteness, which documents the firm's commitment to its renewal processes, which up to now had primarily concerned internal governance, concretely encouraging the professional growth of its collaborators, with particular attention to attention to young people and women, and by inserting a series of provisions based on sustainability in what is today the “Code of Ethics and Sustainability” of the study.

With the creation of a Sustainability Commission and a Committee dedicated to pro-bono activities, Carnelutti is one of the companies that, even in the legal sector, have acknowledged the importance of being compliant with ESG policies, dictated by the Agreement on Climate of Paris, and who immediately set in motion to make the work environment and the work of their professionals sustainable.

"For some time now, we have started various processes with a view to sustainability which include, for example, the elimination of plastic from offices and the digitization of documents by minimizing paper consumption - says Luca Arnaboldi, Managing Partner of Carnelutti Law Firm -. We then re-discussed the agreements with suppliers and chose to source only energy from renewable sources and use only FSC paper ".

In addition to ISO 14001 certification, the firm is currently engaged in obtaining other certifications from recognized bodies dedicated to quality and social issues, and numerous progress has been made in terms of social responsibility and welfare in general. A collaboration is currently being assesed with an association that deals with pro-bono and connects the realities that operate in the third sector with the legal environment and new resources are being allocated to implement welfare policies, promoting activities that can promote the well-being of the people who make up the studio, in the office and in everyday life.

15th Annual ECLS Conference

The Polish Research Center for Law and Economy of China and the University of Warsaw School of Law and Economy of China will host the annual conference of the European Association of Chinese Law Firms (ECLS). The conference will be held in Warsaw, Poland from 24-26 September 2021. In particular, on Sunday 26 September from 8:50 am, the conference entitled "Dispute Resolution, Arbitration and Conflict of Laws" will be held where Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa will be the speaker for the speech "China and the arbitration reform on international investments: tablemate, chef or host?". Click here for the full conference program.

Globalization and digitalization: interconnections between taxation, trade, and investment

On Thursday, 17 June 2021,  Dr. Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa, head of the international business law & arbitration practice, acted as Lead Discussant to the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice, Prof. Juliane Kokott, speaking on "The Settlement of Tax Treaty Disputes by the European Court of Justice", at a workshop organized by the Leiden University.

Registration link: 


International Economic Law and Policy Working Group Event

On Tuesday, 8 June 2021 at 11.00 am CEST, G. Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa, Ph.D., LL.M. presented his insights regarding investments in China during the International Economic Law and Policy Working Group Event. How does this Country approach to foreign investment and its protection evolved? What are the peculiarities of the Chinese model BITs and the relevant #jurisprudence? Is EU-China CAI the future of investment treaties? Matteo and EUI International Economic Law and Policy Working Group (IELP WG) will discuss together with Professor Jurgen Kurtz, celebrating the recent book by Matteo, 'China's Treaty Policy and Practice in International Investment Law and Arbitration' (Brill Nijhoff, Apr. 2021). Click here for further information.  


On 3 June 2021,  Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa was the keynote speaker during the webinar organized by  The Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy (SIDRA) BRI Program on China’s Investment Treaty Policy and Practice: Arbitration Clauses limited to Compensation due to Expropriation. In this webinar, Dr. Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa, counsel at Carnelutti Law Firm, provided an in-depth examination of arbitration clauses limited to compensation due to expropriation in China’s investment treaties, and explore the limitations of such clauses. In doing so, he will compare and evaluate relevant case law, including court decisions from Singapore, Stockholm, and London. Jonathan Lim, counsel at WilmerHale, provided commentary from a practitioner perspective, as an experienced counsel in both commercial and investment arbitrations across common law and civil law jurisdictions. Allison Goh, research associate at SIDRA, acted as moderator.  

Sustainability in Legal Market by 4cLegal

Luca Arnaboldi was a keynote speaker in the afternoon session of the Convention on sustainability in the legal market, organized by 4cLegal in partnership with Forbes Italia and Great Place to Work Italia. Click HERE to see the full program.

Luca Arnaboldi awarded Best Fintech Lawyer at the TopLegal Industry Awards 2021

Our managing partner Luca Arnaboldi was awarded at the TopLegal Industry Awards 2021  Best Fintech Lawyer. Reason for the award: "He assisted Illimity Bank in the joint venture with Fabrick relating to the fintech Hype.  The technical commission considered the matter of great impact for the industry, affecting corporate, antitrust and regulatory law".

He received the award during the online event organized by TopLegal, where Carnelutti Law Firm has been also ranked among the finalists for the industries of Crisis and Restructuring, Food, Private Equity, Pharmaceutical, Luxury and Fashion, Real Estate, and Technology. 

Congratulations to our lawyers!


Matteo Bazzani – The magnitude of disruption: How the pandemic is shaping the M&A arena

On 20 May 2021, Matteo Bazzani was one of the keynote speakers during the panel organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Milan titled: "The magnitude of disruption: How the pandemic is shaping the M&A arena". Click here for more info.

Luxury Summit by Il Sole 24 Ore

On 13 May 2021, Luca Arnaboldi was a keynote speaker during the event Luxury Summit organized by Il Sole 24 Ore, with the speech "Sustainability and legal matters in fashion and luxury".    

Webinar Pocket Tax II “La Web Tax”

On May 13th from 9:15 to 10:00 Massimo Marconi will present the new webinar of the Pocket Tax series titled: "La Web Tax"


Carnelutti Law Firm announces an internal restructuring investing in new practices and promoting women and young partners in order to follow the ESG company's main guidelines.    

Pocket Tax II – “Brexit: implicazioni fiscali per le aziende”

On May 6th from 9:15 to 10:00 Stefano Ruzzier will present the new webinar of the Pocket Tax series titled: "Brexit: implicazioni fiscali per le aziende"

China’s Treaty Policy and Practice in International Investment Law and Arbitration

Today, Matteo Vaccaro Incisa’s comparative and analytical monograph on “China’s Treaty Policy and Practice in International Investment Law and Arbitration” has been published in Brill Nijhoff’s prestigious International Investment Law series. In this in-depth research, Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa offers the most comprehensive and detailed account of China’s Treaty Policy and Practice in International Investment Law published to date. By analytically surveying several key provisions (including ISDS, expropriation, MFN, NT, FET, FPS) of 120 International Investment Agreements concluded by China, and their evolution over the time (and comparing them with the relevant formulations employed by other key players), this work innovatively manages to draw an objective assessment of China’s treaty practice in this field. This research represents an essential tool for both academics and practitioners involved with international investment law and arbitration, in particular but not limited to China. The monograph is the “crown jewel” of Dr. Vaccaro-Incisa’s “Chinese trilogy”, which includes also two pieces that expand on selected topics: For further information click here.


Pocket Tax II – “Il bilancio: calcolo delle imposte e dichiarazione fiscale sulla base delle novità normative 2020-21”

On April 22th from 9:15 to 10:00 Daniela Frusone will present the third webinar of the new webinar series Pocket Tax titled: "Il bilancio: calcolo delle imposte e dichiarazione fiscale sulla base delle novità normative 2020-21"  


Carnelutti Law Firm and ICT Legal Consulting (ICTLC) teamed up with a strategic partnership for Tech Law, Cyber Security and Privacy / Data Protection practices. The new alliance will provide clients with integrated expertise: the combination of Carnelutti's practice in all areas of corporate legal and tax advice and that of ICTLC, which offers specialist advice on Privacy and data protection, IT security and all areas of Tech Law (from IoT, Cloud / Quantum / Edge Computing, Big Data & Analytics to digital marketing/adv, from AI to Information Technology). Thus, the two firms can mutually rely on the experience, the market recognition, and the international scope that distinguishes them both. Press release attached.


Luca Arnaboldi @ Legal Innovation Days by 4cLegal

On March 30th and 31st Luca Arnaboldi will be one of the keynote speakers in the webinar "Lo studio legale del futuro: sostenibile e generatore di un «doppio» valore per il cliente" during the Legal Innovation Days organized by 4cLegal.
More info here.  

“L’IMPRESA, IL CREDITO E LA CONCORRENZA DOPO LA PANDEMIA” – Dario Latella, Università degli Studi del Molise

On March 12, Dario Latella will be a keynote speaker in the webinar "L’IMPRESA, IL CREDITO E LA CONCORRENZA DOPO LA PANDEMIA"(Business, credit and competitors after the pandemic), organized by the Molise University.


Carnelutti Law Firm will be one of the sponsors for the event Sustainability Day 2021 organized by LegalCommunity. Luca Arnaboldi will attend the event as a keynote speaker for the second roundtable "La sostenibilità nei finanziamenti: cosa chiedono gli investitori, come si preparano le aziende" (Sustanability in financing: investors' requests and companies compliance).    

EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment in Context

On March 8th Matteo Vaccaro Incisa will be one of the keynote speaker at the Zoom webinar “EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment in Context” with an intervention titled “Arbitration Clauses Limited to Compensation due to Expropriation”.


Pocket Tax 04.03.2021| “Oneri documentali per il Transfer Pricing: i provvedimenti dell’Agenzia delle Entrate” by Mario Ippolito

On March 4, Mario Ippolito will attend the fifth webinar of the cycle "Pocket Tax" titled  “Oneri documentali per il Transfer Pricing: i provvedimenti dell’Agenzia delle Entrate".
Get in touch:

How to avoid unfair business practices

On March 8, 2021, Francesco Grilletta will be a keynote speaker in the Live Training “Tutelarsi dalle pratiche commerciali scorrette"(How to avoid unfair business practices), organized online by IKN Italia.  His speech will focus on "When a business partner faces a crisis: possible problems and solutions".

More information on the website page of the event, linked here.

Pocket Tax: “Nuova rivalutazione dei beni di impresa nel bilancio 2020: aspetti operativi connessi alla valutazione delle immobilizzazioni materiali ed immateriali” by Mario Ippolito

On February 18, Mario Ippolito will attend the third webinar of the cycle "Pocket Tax" titled  “Nuova rivalutazione dei beni di impresa nel bilancio 2020: aspetti operativi connessi alla valutazione delle immobilizzazioni materiali ed immateriali".
Get in touch:

Pocket Tax: “Le novità fiscali della legge di bilancio 2021” by Stefano Ruzzier

On February 4th Stefano Ruzzier will attend the first webinar of the cycle "Pocket Tax" titled "Le novità fiscali della legge di bilancio 2021".
Get in touch:  


Luca Arnaboldi key speaker at MF Italian Legal Week – 3.4.5 Feb. 2021

Luca Arnaboldi, President of the American Chamber of Commerce and partner at Carnelutti Law Firm, will be one of the key speakers in the second edition of MF Italian Legal Week. Mr. Arnaboldi will attend the round table titled "Judicial System: which reform will be accepted in Europe?"  on February 3 from 12 to 14 pm.
Click here to sign in to the event.

Un anno di M&A – Carnelutti Law Firm has been ranked in Mergemarket’s Top20 M&A Firm charts

Carnelutti Law Firm has been ranked in Mergemarket’s Top20 M&A Firm charts published on the legal magazine MAG n.155. The Firm reached the18th position for the operations value and the 20th for the operations amount.


Interview with Stefano Mele, Partner at Carnelutti Law Firm on Legalcommunity MAG n.155

The Legalcommunity magazine MAG n.155 published an interview with Stefano Mele, Partner at Carnelutti Law Firm and Head of the Technology, Privacy and Cybersecurity team. The magazine director, Nicola di Molfetta, asked him about the risks and the opportunities for lawyers and law firms in a future that is more and more digital.
Click on the attachment button to read the full article.

Welfare & HR Summit – Il Sole 24 Ore Eventi

On February 22nd Giuseppe Bulgarini d’Elci, with his speech "La gestione dei contratti flessibili", will be one of the keynote speakers at Welfare & HR Summit, the digital event organized by Il Sole 24 Ore Eventi, on innovation in the labor market and the possible impacts on governance and HR management in companies. The event will gather both SME and Institutions representatives, to better understand the new regulatory scenarios and how Italian companies could cope with the challenges of the pandemic. Click to the following link to register and attend the event

Master in Business Law by 24Ore Business School

On 18 and 19 January 2021, Carlo Emanuele Rossi and Valentina Zanelli gave a lecture on Limited Liability Companies, within the Master in Business Law ("Master Diritto e Impresa") organised by 24Ore Business School. 


Best Corporate and M&A Lawyer | TopLegal Awards 2020

Carlo Pappalettera was awarded the TopLegal Awards 2020  “Best Corporate and M&A Lawyer". The award was received during the virtual ceremony organised on December 2, 2020. Reason for the award: "He gained the attention of the members of the jury with a deal defined as strategic".

Watch the clip of the award ceremony.


Milano Fashion Global Summit 2020

Partner Luca Arnaboldi was a keynote speaker of the "ESG vs. Covid: how sustainability overlives the present" session, on 27 November 2020, within the web edition of  Milano Fashion Global Summit 2020, organised by Class. The recording can be watched on the dedicated  Class CNBC broadcasting page (Milano Global Fashion Summit 2020 tab) and on TV, CLASS CNBC - SKY 507 channel, on Saturday 12 December 2020, at 2:30 pm. A follow-up interview will be broadcasted on Monday 14 December 2020, at 12.02 pm and at 8.00 pm, and on Tuesday 15 December 2020 at 3.55 pm. For more information on this important annual event for the Italian fashion industry, please visit their website.


Labour | Webinar on the Fondo Nuove Competenze (New Skills Fund)

On October 22, 2o2o, partner Giuseppe Bulgarini d'Elci was a keynote speaker in a webinar on the Fondo Nuove Competenze (New Skills Fund) and the financing opportunities for companies. The webinar was hosted by the employment agency Orienta, in collaboration with LIUC Business School and Carnelutti Law Firm.


Best Law Firm for Administrative Law in the TLC sector at the Legalcommunity Litigation Awards 2020

Our Administrative Law Team was awarded the Legalcommunity Litigation Awards 2020  “Best Administrative Law Firm of the Year in the TLC sector”. The award was received by Francesco Francica and Roberta Valentini during the ceremony organised on October 1, 2020. Reasons for the award: "Clients value them for their ability to be “very close to corporate thinking”. In 2019 they assisted a leading English company in the telecommunications sector, in a significant administrative dispute."


August Decree: Implications and solutions for managers

On October 14, 2o2o, partners Giuseppe Bulgarini d'Elci and Marco Sartori were keynote speakers in a webinar on the implications of the so-called "August Decree" on the employment strategies of companies and the possible solutions that HR managers could take into consideration when dealing with the issue. The webinar was hosted by the temporary managers' agency YOURgroup.

SDA Bocconi School of Management | Shareholders’ Agreements and Bylaws in M&A Transacions

On September 23, 2020, managing partner Luca Arnaboldi was a keynote speaker in the streaming event “Patti Parasociali e Statuti nelle operazioni di M&A: le common practice italiane" (Sharehoders' Agreements and Statutes in M&A operations: Italian common practices), organized by SDA Bocconi School of Management.

More information on the event at the website page, linked here.


Legalcommunity Labour Awards 2020

Giuseppe Bulgarini d’Elci and his Labour Team received two awards at the gala dinner organized by Legalcommunity on September 18, 2020 to celebrate the Labour Awards 2020. The team was awarded as Best Law Firm for Agency Contracts: "The practice is led by partner Giuseppe Bulgarini d’Elci, a professional highly respected by the market. Among the many activities carried out in the agency contracts sector, we recall the assistance provided to important companies in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical sectors." Giuseppe secured the Aidp Award for the “Best Lawyer in Industrial Relations of the Year ”. The reasons for the award: "In 2019, Giuseppe distinguished himself in the area of industrial relations, in particular for having assisted a renowned beverage company in the management of a complex transfer of headquarters.".  



On September 17, 2020, Francesco Grilletta was a keynote speaker in the convention “Gestione del Credito - Emergenze, innovazione e nuove sfide" (Credit management -Emergencies, innovation and new challenges), organized by IKN Italia at the Novotel Ca’ Granda, in Milan. His speech focused on "The management of the arrears of the condominiums.

More information at the website page of the event, linked here.

M&A Day by 4cLegal

On September 9, 2o2o managing partner Luca Arnaboldi was the Chair in a roundtable discussing the value of the target in an M&A transaction, in the framework of the "M&A Day" organized by 4cLegal, a media company active in the digitalization of legal procurement in the corporate sector, at the Sole24ore's (the financial newspaper) headquarters.


Luca Arnaboldi Best Media & TLC Lawyer at the Legalcommunity Corporate Awards 2020

Our managing partner Luca Arnaboldi was awarded the Legalcommunity Corporate  Awards 2020  “Best Media & TLC Lawyer”.

He received the award during the event organized by Legalcommunity on July 20, 2020, at the WJC Square in Milan. Reasons for the award: “The managing partner of the firm was recently elected president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy. During the research phase, the high esteem his clients hold him in emerged, in particular for his expertise in the media & telecommunications sector.”

Emanuele Papagni Best Litigation Lawyer at the Legalcommunity FourtyUnder40 Awards 2020

Partner Emanuele Papagni was awarded the Legalcommunity FourtyUnder40 Awards 2020  “Best Litigation Lawyer”. The award was received by Emanuele during the event organized by Legalcommunity on June 25, 2020. Reasons for the award: “Partner of the firm, he is highly appreciated by his clients for his quick and direct approach. In the last 12 months, he has worked for leading companies, in particular in the manufacturing and fashion sectors.


CARNELUTTI Law Firm Best Technology Firm at the TopLegal Industry Awards 2020

Our Technology Team was awarded the TopLegal Industry Awards 2020  “Best Technology Firm of the Year”. The award was received by Stefano Mele during the online event organized by TopLegal on June 18, 2020. Reasons for the award: “Solid and rooted team in the sector, recommended by the jury for its modern approach”.

Stefano Mele Best Privacy Lawyer at the Legalcommunity IP & TMT Awards 2020

Partner Stefano Mele was awarded the Legalcommunity IP & TMT Awards 2020  “Best Privacy Lawyer”. The award was received by Stefano Mele during the online event organized by Legalcommunity on June 11, 2020. Reasons for the award: “Both clients and peers hold Stefano in high esteem. His name occurs in the most complex and innovative deals in the fields of privacy and cybersecurity.”

Welfare & HR Summit

On June 9, 2020, partner Giuseppe Bulgarini d'Elci will be a keynote speaker at the "Welfare & HR Summit" digital event, organised by the financial publisher, Sole 24 Ore. Fur more information, please check the event webpage. The programme of the day is attached.

IBA – Restructuring tools to navigate uncharted waters amid Covid-19

On June 5, 2020, partner Matteo Bazzani was a keynote speaker at the webinar "Restructuring tools to navigate uncharted waters amid Covid-19", organised by the IBA Insolvency Section. For more information, please visit the event web page.

Master in Corporate Tax Law at Bocconi University

On 16 April 2020, Gilberto Comi and Massimo Marconi gave an on-line streaming lecture on "Transfer pricing: friendly procedure, arbitration”, in the framework of the Master in Corporate Tax Law organised by the Bocconi University. The 40 attendees were managers and officers of the IRS and financial police.

Managing Tax Risks

On February 19, 2020, CARNELUTTI Law Firm organised an in-house tax seminar entitled: “La gestione del rischio fiscale: modifiche ai modelli organizzativi ex D.lgs. 231/2001, nuovo diritto penale tributario e Tax Control Framework" (Managing tax risks: Changes to Organization Models under Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, New Criminal Tax Law and Tax Control Framework).


New Code on Company Crises and of the Insolvency of Utilities Customers

On February 18, 2020, Francesco Grilletta will participate as speaker in the course “Nuovo Codice Crisi d’Impresa e dell'Insolvenza del cliente Utility“ (New Code on Company Crises and of the Insolvency of Utilities customers) organized by IKN Italia at NH Macchiavelli, Milan.  

IP Law: Protection Tools and Future Outlook: A Comparison of Civil and Criminal Law

Margherita Barié was a keynote speaker at First Convention of the Round of Seminars Dedicated to Professionals on New Challenges in the World of Intellectual Property, held in 2020 at Indicam. On November 12, 2019, at the University of Milan, Margherita Barié presented her "Thematic Working Table" on "The Evolution of Distinctive Signs: from Revocation of the Historic Trademark to Co-Branding".

Transfer Pricing Conference

On February 11, 2020, Massimo Marconi and Fabio Fusco spoke at the conference on Transfer pricing organized by the ODCEC of Monza (the Monza Chartered Accountants & Tax Experts’ Society).

The Evolution of the Legal Profession in Italy and in the World

On February 5, 2020, Luca Arnaboldi was a keynote speaker at the Conference on the evolution of the legal profession in Italy and in the world.  He spoke at the roundtable entitled “Le nuove esigenze del cliente. Che cosa chiedono i General Counsel" (Client’s new needs. What General Counsels ask). The event took place at the Triennale di Milano (viale Alemagna, 6).

Best Lawyers and Best Law Firms in Italy 2020 – Class Editori

Carnelutti Law Firm received the special award for the successful international development project of Studio Carnelutti on the US market with the opening of a second office in Los Angeles, during the Gala Dinner at the Principe di Savoia Hotel, organized by Class Editori.

Bankruptcy Reform

Our partner Francesco Grilletta was a keynote speaker at the event Riforma Fallimentare (Bankruptcy Reform) organized by  Innolva SpA - Tinexta Group.

Specialization Course in European Union Law

Francesco Bestagno will teach a lesson in the Specialization Course in European Union Law that is co-organized by the Milan Bar of Lawyers, the Higher School for Lawyer Training, the Union of European Lawyers and the University of Milan. Francesco’s lesson will be titled “Le fonti del diritto dell’Unione (Trattati, Carta dei diritti fondamentali, principi generali, accordi internazionali, atti di diritto derivato)”, (“The sources of EU Law (Treaties, Charter of Fundamental Rights, General Principles, International Agreements, Secondary Legislation”).

Brexit and Withdrawal from the EU

Francesco Bestagno concluded the Conference on “Brexit e il recesso dall’UE” (Brexit and withdrawal from the EU) at the LUMSA University in Palermo.

Types of Outsourcing: Works Contract and Agency Work

Giuseppe Bulgarini d’Elci was a keynote speaker at the conference “Forme di esternalizzazione: il contratto di appalto e la somministrazione” (Types of outsourcing: works contract and agency work), the event organized by Assolombarda dedicated to analyzing major elements that qualify agency work and works contracts.

Best Italian Firm for its Labour Industrial Relations Practice

CARNELUTTI Law Firm was awarded the TopLegal Awards 2019 as “Best Italian Firm for its Labour Industrial Relations Practice”. The award was received by Giuseppe Bulgarini d'Elci and his team, during the gala dinner organized by TopLegal on Thursday 21 November 2019.

The 50 Best Italian Lawyers

Luca Arnaboldi was ranked among the 50 Best Italian Lawyers by Legalcommunity.

EJNITA – building bridges

Francesco Bestagno coordinated the Round Table of the Conference at the Ministry of Justice on “La Circolazione dei provvedimenti Civili e degli Atti Pubblici nell’Unione Europea” (The Circulation of Civil Orders and Official Records in the European Union).

Company-Level Bargaining and Opportunities for Businesses

Giuseppe Bulgarini d’Elci was a keynote speaker at ALIEXPO, the event organized by Azimut and dedicated to the real economy. The title of his speech is “Contrattazione collettiva aziendale e opportunità per le imprese” (Company-level bargaining and opportunities for businesses).

The Social and Psycological Underpinning of Commercial Arbitration in Europe

Christian Patelmo took part to the interviews held at the Milan Chamber of Arbitration for the project “The social and Psycological Underpinning of Commercial Arbitration in Europe”. This study aims to generate greater understanding of arbitration as an alternative system of dispute resolution, is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council and is coordinated by Mr. Tony Cole of the University of Leichster Law School (United Kingdom).  

Legalcommunity Labour Awards 2019

Giuseppe Bulgarini d’Elci secured the Aidp Award for the “Best M&A Labour Lawyer of the Year ” at the Legalcommunity Labour Awards 2019 . The award was accepted personally during the gala dinner organized by Legalcommunity on Monday 30 September 2019. The reasons for the award: "A lawyer with solid skills developed in more than 20 years of practice. His track record ranges across all areas of labour law, both in court and out of court. He is appreciated in particular for his familiarity with the needs and demands of the corporate world: this year he assisted a leading private equity fund in the acquisition of an important business in the pharmaceutical industry.  

In-House Seminar on International Arbitration

CARNELUTTI Law Firm in association with AIA-ArbIt-40 organized an in-house seminar entitled: “Updating Laws, Rules and Standards in International Arbitration: Necessity or Trend?”.

Business Partners’ Practices

Francesco Grilletta took part in the course “Business Partners’ Practices” scheduled for 09-10 July 2019 at the NH Macchiavelli Hotel, in Milan. His speech addressed the issues triggered by the crisis of business partners– topics disclosed by the upcoming reform.

Company Level Bargaining and Opportunities for Corporations

Giuseppe Bulgarini d'Elci organized and moderated an inhouse seminar entitled “Contrattazione aziendale e opportunità per le imprese" (Company level bargaining and opportunities for corporations) together with Legalcommunity and sponsored by Labor b.  

Million-Euro Divorce Check Rejected

Valeria De Vellis was a key note speaker at the conference “Negato l’assegno di divorzio milionario” (Million-Euro Divorce Check Rejected), organized by AIFA Veneto (Associazione Italiana degli Avvocati per la Famiglia e per i Minori). The event took place in Verona.    

Bankruptcy Reform: The New Company Crisis Code

Francesco Grilletta spoke at the conference Gestione del Credito 2019 on "Riforma del Fallimento: Nuovo Codice Crisi d'Impresa" (Bankruptcy Reform: The New Company Crisis Code). The event took place at Novotel Milano Nord Ca' Granda, in Milano.  

Legal Day

Francesco Francica was a key note speaker at the roundtable entitled: “Il mercato legale visto dalle imprese: il legal procurement, il giurista d'impresa manager e i nuovi paradigmi della domanda di servizi legali. Nulla come prima” (The legal market seen by companies: the legal procurement, the company lawyer/manager and the new paradigms of the demand for legal services. Nothing will be as before.), in the prestigious setting of Palazzo del Bo, Via VIII Febbraio 2, in Padua. On June 27 th , 2019, the University of Padova became the capital of the Legal Market 4.0: an unprecedented connection between tradition and innovation, culture and work, history and current events. Academics, lawyers, in-house lawyers, students, legal procurement specialists, marketing and legal communication experts, legal head hunters and innovators discussed the salient features of the modern legal market, with its milestones, its development trends and its new boundaries. The program included four round tables and several thematic desks.

Legalcommunity Corporate Awards 2019

Luca Arnaboldi was named winner in the Legalcommunity Corporate Awards 2019 in the category “Media Lawyer of the Year”. The award was presented to Luca Arnaboldi during the gala dinner organized by Legalcommunity on Thursday June 13 2019. Reason for the award: “Market feedback describes him as an extremely proficient and professional lawyer with a thorough knowledge of the industry, which translates into the very high quality of his work.”

The Italian Law on PMIs’ and Start-up Companies

Dario Latella was the opening speaker at the seminar "The Italian Law on PMIs' and Start-up Companies: a model for business and governance", at the Italian Bar Association, in Messina.

Insolvência e Reestruturação

Matteo Bazzani was a key note speaker at the seminar “1º Seminário Internacional de Insolvência e Reestruturação”, organized by EMERJ (Escola da Magistratura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro) in Rio de Janeiro. His presentation concerned the “The Judiciary and Insolvency: judicial activism and litigation funding”. The panel was made up of lawyers, economists and specialists from all over the world.        

TopLegal Industry Awards 2019

Luca Arnaboldi was named winner in the TopLegal Industry Awards 2019 in the category “Luxury & Fashion Lawyer of the Year”. The award was presented to Luca Arnaboldi during the gala dinner organized by TopLegal on Thursday 16 May 2019.  

The free movement of Goods in the EU Market

Francesco Bestagno held 8 hours of lectures on the topic “The free movement of Goods in the EU Market” at University Ca’ Foscari, Venice, in the Master Course “International Business, Arbitration and Tax Law”.

The Minor’s interest in the EU Court of Justice Case-Law

Francesco Bestagno spoke at the Closing Conference of the Advanced Training Course on Mediation and Restorative Justice, Naples, on the topic: “The Minor’s interest in the EU Court of Justice Case-Law”  

The EU Internal Market

Francesco Bestagno spoke at the Training class in EU LawThe EU Internal Market” at the Milan Bar -Union of European Lawyers, Milan Courthouse.

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